Lindsey Daubney. Beauty Extraordinaire.

Eyelash Extension Technician and Professional Makeup Artist

Hamilton Ontario Canada

(905) 379-7259

linds pic.jpg

Who is Lindsey?

A Beauty Extraordinaire! Some of my first memories shimmer of a little girl applying makeup. Makeup is a means of self expression. It's fun, creative and silly. It's a tool of empowerment; encouraging strength and confidence in your bad ass self. 

I'm from the Golden Horseshoe Region; a small town of glitz and glamour... said no one ever (just kidding I 💗Welland).

Some kids played in sand boxes, my Mom's vanity was my playground. Stocked with the perfect ingredients to start my own skincare line. Toxic perfumes and rashes aside, it was a success.

I was told to re-book my grade 8 graduations photos, too much makeup. What did they know? It was the 90s! Thick dark lip liner was the bomb.

Choosing to be a Makeup Artist felt like a far off dream coming from a tiny town. Once my dreams, are now a reality. I'm a small business, with big passion, and the wonderful #HamOnt to call my home!

Where Can I See Lindsey's Work?

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